Vessel Management & Costing Analysis

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Crewsoft Vessel Costing Analysis

Vessel Management

Crewsoft Vessel Cost Analysis

The Crewsoft Costing System is a combination of web functions and standalone exe file. The system processes the payroll results to create real cost analysis to be distributed to clients. The costing system is designed specifically for the needs of the global shipping company with multiple tax jurisdiction and is built on the solid foundation of our experience in this market.


Costing Flexible Settings

Each client has specific needs for cost analysis. Vessel subsections or rank orders can vary from one client to another. Cost currency can be different from payroll currency. All these requirements and many more can be defined flexibly with Crewsoft Costing Manager definition forms. All settings for tax, NI, pension and other globally definable employer contributions can be defined for each country, for each client. This utility is totally customizable and can be adaptable to any country. The system allows flexibility to change the existing rule sets and also adding new rules and new tax jurisdictions. If ship travels 2 or more (virtually unlimited) tax jurisdictions within one pay period then system is eligible to calculate ER NI, ER pension or other employer contribution for every crew on board if applicable. 



Costing Process

Costing System is fully compatible with Global Payroll System. After payroll run, costing process can be run anytime. This process allocates each cost to related clients. If employee is on board on two different ships of different client then his costing will be separated into two clients. Social contributions will be distributed as well.


Cost Reports, Statistical Analysis & Graphic

Costing process creates daily costs for every client and for each employee. The costing process creates thousands of records to be analysed. The best way to analyse cost results is to use Crewsoft Comprehensive Report Explorer. There are several reports with 7-8 parameters for each report. This gives vast variety of combination reports. 


The costing results can be distributed through web. Cost reports can be run through web site. If you have secure web site (with SSL certificate) then you can give username and password to your client for the access to your costing area. These pages will be supplied by Crewsoft Costing System.


The Costing Web System contains all reports and graphical presentation of cost results. 



Forecasting Future Costs

Costs for specific vessel can be forecasted before payroll runs or even at the beginning of current month. Forecasting system produces 2 reports with several parameters. So if client would like to know approx cost for 1st officers in specific vessel on board only then you will be able to produce a detailed and summary report instantly.


Crewsoft Costing System Home Page



Cost Analysis of outstanding leave days 


Monthly Cost Analysis of selected Vessels


Cost Distribution of Ranks


Crew On Board distribution













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