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Crewsoft Marine Crew Recruitment


Crewsoft :: Marine Crew Recruitment System

The Crewsoft Marine Crew Recruitment System is an web application which allows candidates to apply for available vacancies and submit CV's by using Internet. The data is stored on main database to be analyzed by HR department. Recruitment System is fully integrated with Personnel Manager so all candidate details can be transferred into personnel system with new start procedures easily. The program is designed specifically for the needs of the shipping company and is built on the solid foundation of our experience in this market.

Job Vacancy


Job vacancy record can be created for any client and for any vessel. Rank must be specified for each vacancy and date must be attached.



Job Specification


Each job vacancy specification can be defined on this form. Education, experience requirements, salary range and all other related details can be specified.



Candidate CV


This part is Web-enabled function. Candidates can apply the application form and obtain username and password to go into Company web site CV page. CV page contains general information about candidate, contact details, certificates, licenses, endorsements, education, passport, visa and seaman book details. All CV information will be saved to main Crewsoft database and on-line applications and statistical analysis on applications can be seen through "Recruitment" module reports


Candidate Search


There are 2 types of candidate search, normal search and advanced search. In normal search, user can search candidates by name, surname, candidate ID, job vacancy etc. In advanced search, Recruitment system allows user to search on CV information to find the best candidate for current positions.



Interviews and Activities


All candidate and client interviews, letters, e-mails and meetings are in this section. Interview and meeting results and bookings can be saved and retrieved through this form.





There are several letter templates for candidates and recruitment consultants. These templates gives standard to letters and other documents. CV and biodata are the key templates for candidates. The other templates are interview booking letters, successful candidate letters etc.   





There are more than 100 reports for Crewsoft Recruitment System. All reports have 5-8 parameters to be run with. So the system can create thousands of variety as reports. The main categories are the following. Candidate Application, Candidate CV, Job Vacancy, Interview and Candidate Actions.



Candidate Transfer to Personnel System


If candidate gets job offer in recruitment then candidate name automaticaly transfers to Crewsoft Personnel New Start Stage 1 Form. When authorised manager of system validates the user as new personnel then all candidate CV information is  automatically transferred to personnel system.


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