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Crewsoft Maritime Crew Payroll Software

The Crewsoft Maritime Crew Payroll Software is a powerful, user-friendly program that makes use of all the best windows features like 'drag and drop', sort by column list controls and right mouse button menus. This allows you to work flexibly, efficiently, and to customize the programs user interface to suit the way you work. The program is designed specifically for the needs of the global shipping company with multiple tax jurisdiction and is built on the solid foundation of our experience in this market.

Generic Legislation Settings

All legislation settings for tax, NI, pension and other globally definable contributions can be defined for each country. This utility is totally customizable and can be adaptable to any country. The system allows flexibility to change the existing rule sets and also adding new rules and new tax jurisdictions. If ship travels 2 or more (virtually unlimited) tax jurisdictions within one pay period then system is capable of calculate income tax, NI, pension for every crew on board if applicable. 

Salary Scale, Terms and Conditions and Bonu

Salary scale can be defined for each rank, seniority and certificate. The salary can also be defined as pensionable or non-pensionable. So system can exclude non-pens salary from pension calculations. Terms and conditions can be defined for each rank and can be attached to crew not the vessel. So within the same vessel crew can have different terms and conditions even if they have the same rank. Bonus rules can be defined for location sets. Bonus payment and calculation conditions can be set. Bonus rules are attached to salary scales as fixed or rate of salary

Pension Maintenance

Pension settings can be arranged for each location or pension can only be paid for certain locations. Employee and employer contributions can be defined on main pension maintenance form but these rates can be overridden on employee pension form. 

Deductions and Payments

There are 5 different deduction and payment types. These are fixed, regular, irregular and global deductions and regular, global payments. Some of them includes employee and employer contributions, some of them can be paid or deducted in installments. They can all be calculated during payroll process automatically. Employer contributions are calculated during costing process.

Payroll Process

The payroll process can be run several times for each employee or for each payroll. If there is any location or payment missing, user can make the changes and re-run the payroll again. During payroll process, some of the functions in the system is blocked like location input, payments etc. The payroll can then be locked and can't be run for current period again. Payroll allocation process allocates values to vessels for each sub sections or ranks. 

Payment Methods

There are several payment methods in the system such as BACS, check, money transfer etc. System creates automatic BACS transfer file to be transmitted. Intermediary bank settings can be defined for each payroll or for each employee. All range of payroll reports with different payment methods are available. Please check Report Samples section.

Salary Increase & Back Pay

Salary increases can be arranged through salary increase form as rate or fixed value. Salary increase can only be applied to certain rank or to all employees. Back Pay form allows user to pay the difference as backdated payment automatically. 


There are more than 300 reports for payroll process. All reports have 5-8 parameters to be run with. So the system can create thousands of variety as reports. The main categories are the following. Payroll net analysis, payroll gross analysis, deductions and payments, global settings, legislation settings, tax reports, NI, pension, other contributions, payment method, payroll control, employee payroll and contract details, payroll transfer, payroll and salary allocations.


Sample of payslip is available on "Report Samples" section.  Payslips support multi-currency. All tax, NI and pension year end values for each tax jurisdiction, outstanding leave status, payment method etc are on payslip.

Salary Allocation

This process is basically re-running of payroll. If payroll runs on 26th of current month (if month payroll) then system assumes the location of employee till end of month. This sometimes can cause a problem and needs to be fixed in next period. Salary allocation process re-runs the payroll at the end of the month with latest location and payment records and creates a difference sheet. Then user can go through the difference sheet and allocates the values.

Year End

Year End Cleardown process is applicable to each tax jurisdiction. The year end process timing depends on tax jurisdiction's start and end date. The process archives the pay elements for related records and creates clear new tax year data. Year end process can be run for each individual tax system.

Payroll Control

The payroll control form allows user to check every action for each payroll. This screen can be used to set maximum payment control, days in period, type of payroll etc. This form shows date, time and counter of running payroll and allocations. Payroll defaults can be set through this form such as default tax settings for each country.

Payroll Transfer

The employee can be transferred to one payroll to another such as weekly payroll to monthly etc. In this functionality, system considers year end totals for each tax jurisdiction for each employee.


The payroll system creates redundancy sheet in Excel automatically. The user selects the employees from advanced search form and system exports all related information into sheet.

Complex Leave Calculations

The leave calculations are based on leave rate which is defined in salary scale for employee's rank, seniority and certificate.  When employee goes on leave location then system allows user to decide the leave record to be used for the payment of location. Alternatively system takes the oldest leave record to be used for current situation.

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