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Crewsoft Maritime OnBoard Software


Crewsoft Maritime OnBoard Software

The The Crewsoft Maritime Onboard Software (MOS) is designed specifically to carry out all the administrative tasks found on board a ship. Its focus is primarily on personnel related tasks, such as Captains Accounting, crew document reports, etc.

The program also contains a variety of advanced modules each designed to carry out a specific part of your on board duties. Examples of some of these modules are, Crewing, Payroll, Accounting, Documentation, Alerts, Reports, Vessel location.


The payroll module of the program allows you to enter all the payroll details of each person, calculate their payslip and print it out on board. The salaries and deductions can be both variable and/or fixed from month to month. There are various reports that can be printed out in connection with payroll functions, for example, pay slips, payroll entries lists, balance statements, monthly summaries etc.




This module handles all the necessary crewing functions. It maintains information on personal details, sailing histories, appraisals, competence, family, medical info, travel documents, allotments, health declarations, personal effects, and much more. This module also has the ability to include both historical and planned data. You can also print out reports on all of these categories. You have access to all the various data categories via toolbars and right click menus, so you can work quickly and efficiently.




One Integrated System

The program is intended as an integrated solution to the personnel and accounting related tasks found on board vessels. To this end it incorporates an integrated payroll program and can communicate at sea, via internet, with the Crewsoft Personnel Manager on on land. This means that data is entered into the system on site. For example new persons, sailing details, embarkation/disembarkation dates, deductions, etc. can be entered on board. The entered data is then transmitted automatically to the Personnel program at the Head Office or branch offices on land. Thus it is possible to have a completely up to date database.




Captain's Accounting

The accounting function covers the four main accounting groups that are required on board. These being: Master's Cash Account, Slopchest, Telephone, and the Welfare Fund. Within each of these four groups are contained all the individual accounts associated with these boats. The program also has built in reports to provide printouts on all of these accounts. The parameters of the accounting function are set by the shipping company itself, thus leaving the on board personnel free to just fill in the required entries, and thus easily maintain an accurate account of all on board expenses.




Main Features


Virtually unlimited numbers of clients, ships and persons can be entered. User definable options. Standard Windows Help Functions. Captain's Account. Crewing. Integrated payroll system. Data Replication between ships and offices. Advanced security system with read, write, menu disable options. Document and picture scanning. All Vessel Details and settings. Advanced search and selection functions. Graphical crew planning and scheduling. Person Onboard & Next of Kin Details. Alerts for documentation. Man Power Analysis. Document Expiry Warnings. On Board requirement lists. "Drag n Drop" and right-click menu functionality throughout the program.






The Report Explorer is very flexible report generator within the system. This utility allows users to select wide range of parameters for each report. So 1000's of different combination can be obtained. Many existing reports of the following categories:

Person on Board/Next of Kin, Crew Documentation, Crew Location, Competence, Vessel Location and Settings, Medical & Training, Travel Documents, Promotion and Appraisal, Insurance, Crew Planning & Manning & Alerts, Various others.

All in all there are more than 100 reports, which include all the standard maritime management reports as well as a variety of others.


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