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Crewsoft Crew Scheduling Software


Crewsoft :: Marine Crew Scheduling Software

The Crewsoft Marine Crew Scheduling Software is a powerful, user-friendly program that makes use of all the best windows features like 'drag and drop', sort by column list controls and right mouse button menus. This allows you to work flexibly, efficiently, and to customize the programs user interface to suit the way you work. The program is designed specifically for the needs of the shipping company and is built on the solid foundation of our experience in this market.

Crew Documentation

All personnel details and documents including certificates, licenses, endorsements, visas, passports, seaman books, previous seagoing experience, education, next of kin, medical, training and agency information are found in this form.

Employee Movements and Operation

The operation of crew can be handled with this form. The form includes employee location, promotion, re-grading, termination, off-pay, re-employment and appraisals.


Before sending personnel to on board location, this utility will prepare list of warnings. The warnings include expiries for documents, lack of medicals medicals or training etc.

Employee Location

There are 8 defined locations for the employees, on board, leave, sick, injury, travel to home, travel to vessel, compassionate leave and off pay. Locations cane be entered hourly as well as daily.

Automatic Leave Calculations

Leave calculation is a complex process. The calculation depends on vessel location, legislation settings of tax jurisdiction, terms and conditions of employee, bonus, salary scale settings etc. System always shows the latest outstanding leave status of employee in everywhere within the program

Promotion & Regrading

There are two options, promotion and regrading. Promotion changes the rank and regrading changes the seniority of crew. Temporary promotions are also available. 


Appraisal form includes several variable to be filled in about crew.  

Termination and Re-employment

Termination process is two stage operation. Before termination system automatically creates latest outstanding leave records and liquidates required amount of leave till end of period. Then termination monitoring form displays terminated employees to be validated. During termination, user can give couple of reasons for termination. Re-employment form displays those reasons then user can decide whether to re-employ or not. All terminated employee records are kept within the system and can be viewed anytime.

Document and Location Monitoring

Document expiry lists can be obtained with several parameters such as vessel, employee, rank, seniority etc. Expiry settings and warning periods can be defined flexibly. Location expiry depends on location cycle of employee in T&C's. Again location monitor can display the results with several parameters.

Advanced Search

The program includes advanced search functions that allow you to search using a nearly unlimited combination of criteria. The result being that you can easily and effortlessly have displayed only those persons who fit your requirements exactly. The user is able to store and retrieve details on competence, activities, sea service, personal details, family, medical and all the other relevant data groups. We have also included the ability to scan in pictures and documents related to each individual.

Planning Wizard

Scheduling allows the user to view either by month or by user defined dates the locations of all employees (either all or by rank) on board specific vessels. The gray markings on this screen represent days in which the employee is on-board. Scheduling allows the user to view either by month or by user defined dates the locations of all employees (either all or by rank) on board specific vessels.

The blue markings on this screen represent days in which the employee is on-board. This wizard enables you to plan crew schedules and test their feasibility. I Planning Wizard This tool enables you to effortlessly plan and organize your crew scheduling with a minimum of effort and a high degree of efficiency.

Person On Board and Who is Where

The program is intended as an integrated solution to the personnel management needs of shipping companies of all sizes. To this end it incorporates an integrated payroll program and can communicate from on land, via satellite, with the Crewsoft Onboard Systems on board ships. It also can be seamlessly integrated with the Crewsoft Fleet Manager, giving you access to all the planning, organizational, and information facilities that this combination provides.

This means that data is entered into the system on site. For example new persons, sailing details, embarkation/disembarkation dates, payroll details, etc. can be entered on board. The entered data is then transmitted automatically, via satellite, to shore-based Personnel systems. Thus it is possible to maintain a single, completely up to date database on your global organization, at all times.


Access to the database is restricted directly by password, as is access to it via the program. The program itself has nine differing user profiles, ranging from 1-9. Level 9 being Supervisor access. Within in each profile, user access can be limited according to any of the categories held in the system, and even right down to the individual field level (write/read/no access) of the program.

The System Administrator can also decide which program routines are available, as well as which reports can be printed and edited. The user profiles for Onboard systems are totally setup and managed remotely by the System Administrator on shore.

The Vessel and Analysis

Vessel Definition

The vessel definition form keeps all required data for vessel including, IMO number, Engine Type, Crane, GRT, DWT, BHP etc. This feature is available as ASP file so accessible through web.

Vessel Location

 Each vessel can have thousands of location record within one pay period. The vessel location can be entered hourly and each location record can have different tax jurisdiction. System is able to calculate several tax jurisdictions tax within one payroll. The vessel location history can be accessible through web.

Who is Where

 The system creates Excel spreadsheet and lists all employees by vessel (row title) by rank (column title). This feature is available as ASP file so accessible through web.

Man Power Analysis

According to definition of required crew for each vessel, system creates Man Power Analysis report. Within given time interval, the list of employees of each vessel will be listed with their details.

Person On Board

The POB report can be run for each vessel. The report includes start date of on board location, rank, seniority and certificate of employee. This feature is available as ASP file so accessible through web.


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