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Crewsoft Training Manager


Crewsoft Training STCW Compliance Software


The Crewsoft Training System is a powerful, user-friendly program that makes use of all the best windows features like 'drag and drop', sort by column list controls and right mouse button menus. This allows you to work flexibly, efficiently, and to customize the programs user interface to suit the way you work. The program is designed specifically for the needs of the average shipping company and is built on the solid foundation of our experience in this market.


Course and Providers


Courses and course providers can be defined in the system. Some of course providers can be attached to some courses. Fees of courses, discount information and availability details can be recorded. Training booking form takes all details from these forms. If the course is not available anymore then course can be inactivated from the list and this can protect booking of wrong course for the crew.


Training Matrix and Vessel Compliance 


Training Matrix can be defined for each rank, vessel and jurisdiction. So when vessel changes jurisdiction, system is able to create new compliance report for the current jurisdiction. The training matrix also allows to forecast the course requirements and compliance of vessel. Several types of compliance reports are available in the system. Please check some of the examples in "Report Samples" section. 



Grouping of Courses and Interdependency


Courses can be grouped with any selected combination. This defined groups can be placed under training matrix for the compliance settings. Interdependency of courses can be set through Interdependency form and compliance reports can check interdependency of courses.



Multiple Course, Hotel and Travel Booking


Course, hotel, travel bookings and car hire operations can be achieved by using multiple booking form. This utility allows user to select multiple crew for booking but each individual booking can be edited later if different than others. There are 10 letter templates about course booking, hotel reservation, car hire, travel arrangements etc. System also generates automatic MS Excel booking sheet to be sent to travel agencies. Booking course function automatically updates crew location records. There are several reports available for booking functionality.



Course Requirement and Expiry Lists


Course requirement and crew training requirement lists are available and can be run anytime. Depending on the location of vessel, rank of crew and vessel training matrix, system generates training requirement list. By clicking on each crew, the requirement of training or expiries can be viewed. System also has several expiry reports and warning before expiries happen.



Forecasting Course Requirements


This utility allows to forecast course requirements for selected vessels and jurisdictions. So before vessel travels to selected jurisdiction, training manager can get the list of training requirements and make necessary booking arrangements. 





There are more than 100 reports for "Crewsoft Training System". All reports have 5-8 parameters to be run with. So the system can create thousands of variety as reports. The main categories are the following. Course and Providers, training matrix, compliance, course requirement, course booking, hotel & travel booking, forecasting course requirements.


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